Our Baby Is Now Overdue

Posted by James | Posted in My Timeline, Pregnancy | Posted on 20-10-2012

The due date is here, but the baby hasn’t arrived yet.

I can’t wait to see our baby. My wife and I keep wondering what it will look like. It is just a few centimeters away from my hand, yet I have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl, if it looks like me or it looks like my wife. I have no idea if it has hair, the colour of its eyes. Come on baby, hurry up and make an appearance already!

My wife is really getting fed up with being pregnant. She can’t really go far without getting tired, she can’t stand without getting a sore back, can’t lie down without being sore. The only way she can get comfortable is sitting in one armchair. It must be so miserable for her right now.We are just waiting for the baby to decide it wants out, but in the meantime she is left without being able to do very much.

My role just now is to make sure she has plenty of juice, biscuits and chocolate, make her cups of tea (decaf of course!) and just try to be there for her. I am also keeping my mobile on full volume while at work, ready to drop everything and rush home if anything happens.

We have a bag packed ready to grab if we need to make a rush to the hospital. One thing I learnt from the antenatal classes is, contrary to what you see in movies, when labour starts you are encouraged to stay at home for as long as you can, until the contractions are around 3 minutes apart before you go to hospital. This can take hours, so it’s not exactly the md-dash rush depicted in films. Nonetheless we need to be prepared for anything, so the bag is there. It includes toiletries, some changes of clothes, a towel, an iPod docking station, iPod loaded with my wifes favourite songs to play during labour and the notes from our midwife that we take for all scans and checkups. This includes blood test results, history of blood pressure and such like.

Luckily my work is very flexible with giving me time off, saying I can start my paternity leave when I need to. So until the baby starts to move we are just playing the waiting game. I can’t wait!

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