My Experience With Colic

Posted by James | Posted in Advice & Tips | Posted on 24-02-2013

Here’s a word I had never heard of before I became a daddy – colic.

Our son got colic from about 3-4 weeks until around 10 weeks. Colic is basically when a baby cries for no obvious reason, and it’s horrible. There is a list of things that can be wrong with a baby – hungry, needs to burp, needs a change, is sleepy. But when they have colic that list goes out the window, as they cry regardless.

There are some remedies and help available. We used gripe water for a while which seems to help, but only to a degree. It doesn’t get rid of it completely.

It was always worse at night when he was more tired, and also after a bottle when his tummy isn’t settled. It led to some long stressful evenings, but when he did eventually go to sleep that would typically be him until the morning, unless for a feed then back to sleep again.

It got to the point where after most, if not all feeds he would be really sore and uncomfortable.

The best thing we ever did was change his milk formula. We had been using the same formula since he was born. it was the stuff teh hospital gave us, Cow & Gate, and he was fine for the first few weeks so never thought it was the formula that was causing the problem. Also, I wondered if there really was that much difference between all the makes of formula. However a friend of my wife said she had the exact same thing with Cow & Gate baby milk, and said when she switched to Actimel it solved the problem.

I was skeptical, but the change was instant. As soon as we switched to Actimel he has been great, no more colic after feeds. He does still get a bit uncomfortable after feeds, but he seems to be able to burp so much easier. I don’t know if this milk is a bit softer on his tummy, but it’s definitely helped.

I hope you don’t experience colic, but if you do please share any of your tips or advice below for others to read…

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