I Felt My Baby Kicking

Posted by James | Posted in My Timeline, Pregnancy | Posted on 10-06-2012

Just a quick update to say I felt baby kick for the first time this morning!

My wife has been feeling it kick for a few weeks now, but it’s never been strong enough to feel from the outside. We were lying in bed when my wife grabbed my hand and put it on her tummy. This was a regular thing as she tried to let me feel a kick, so I didn’t really get too excited at this point, thinking it would be another false alarm.

Then I felt it. I felt my baby kick!

I thought the first kick I would feel would be a mild, weak little thud. I think we might have a little footballer on our hands here as it was a proper kick I felt. It was so cool feeling my baby, and it was made all the more special that it was at the weekend so my wife and I had time to spend together after it too. I popped out and got us some breakfast and we sat in the kitchen talking baby names.

It was perfect timing too, as I am heading away for a week to be best man at my friends wedding. My wife isn’t coming as she doesn’t want to fly (the wedding is in Turkey), so it’s a nice little leaving present for me to think about while I am away.

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