Baby is in his own room

Posted by James | Posted in My Timeline | Posted on 05-05-2013

Our little boy has just turned 6 months, and he spent his first night in his own room last night.

Until now, he has been sleeping in our bedroom, first in his Moses basket, then his crib and now his cot. Well, actually he has slept in our bed a lot of the time too! He has always been within a couple feet from us. We could lie in the silence and hear him breathing, hear him rustling around. But no more, now he has hit the big “6 month” (I say that ilk he has just turned 40!) he is now in his own room.

To be honest, he could have gone in his room much sooner. The room has been decorated (space theme) and ready for weeks, even months. He sleeps really good as well, so we could have put him through no problem, but we have been selfish and kept him in our room for a bit longer. He’s just so damn cute. If you are too having a baby soon and want some tips, read this Harry and megan, news, royals posts.

He was up once for a feed. My wife always gets up in the middle of the night to see to him. I feel bad about that and I try to help out at the weekend, but during the week I have work and I need to sleep. That sounds harsh, and if he is upset and crying a lot I do get up to help, but generally I stay in bed. The tradeoff is a lot of the time I leave for work while My wife has a long lie in, so I guess it evens itself out.

He did so well sleeping all night in his room. We have a baby monitor with a camera so we can see him as well as hear him. It is fantastic and I wouldn’t be without one of these now. It’s made the “big move” a lot easier, to be able to see him, see he is ok and also so we know when his eyes are open if he is lying still.

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